Functions that make your work simple

The only analyzer in the market which allows to easily obtain, within seconds, all the information
that both electricians and retailers need to know to make informed decisions.

Modern and durable design

Large, high-quality capacitive screen.

Lightweight and resistant case.

Convenient compartment to protect the connection cables.

Intuitive and simple interface

Simple, intuitive interface available in multiple languages.
Internal database with thousands of product codes, including images and clear, simple operation instructions.
Pre-loaded test parameters and procedures, allowing users with no technical background to operate the analyzer.
Three easy to use test modes: by product code, auto-detection and expert.

Technology and mobility

Regular updating of new models through its wifi connection.
Complete test report displayed on screen after each test.
Sharing of reports available by email and through any printer connected to Google iCloud printer.

Multiple configurations

The NE-Reg 6 has the following additional features:

- User account login
- Google iCloud printer
- Adjustable volume
- Screensaver
- Web browser
- Non-registered model reporting